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2022 Ridge Golf Classic Registration Banner.png

Ridge High School Golf Classic

Ridge Sports Foundation has hosted more than a dozen Ridge High School Golf Classic events.


In addition to the fun, comradarie and oustanding venues, what makes the Ridge High School Golf Classic different is the breadth of teams that are able to benefit from this shared and coordinated outing.


For many teams that do not have the participation necessary to warrant an individual outing, the Ridge High School Golf Classic is the only way for them to reach this generous community and raise funds for equipment, uniforms and facility use.


For those teams with ample numbers, the Ridge High School Golf Classic provides economies of scale in providing a professionally run and corrdinated event to allow them to maximize their efforts and simultaneously assist the funding of capital projects that benefit the entire Ridge High School community.


Ridge Sports Foundation is proud to have been able to host this outing and we are pleased to state that we have awarded over $125,000.00 to individual teams from the proceeds raised from this and our other events.

5-On-5 Flag Football Tournament (aka "The Turkey Bowl")

Ridge Sports Foundation's 5-on-5 Flag Football Tournament is one of the most anticipated community events of the year.


Teams comprised of predominately Ridge High School Alumni and members of the Basking Ridge community in general compete in this annual winner-take-all outing.  The grand prize Tee Shirts are coveted the world over.  Well, maybe not the world over,  but certainly the Routes 287-78 cooridor.


In keeping with the principles of the Ridge Sports Foundation, the "Turkey Bowl" is a wonderful testament to the notion of team, sportsmanship and above all lasting friendship that befall those that endevour to participate. 

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